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COMECUT is a public interactive performance where people are invited to cut the works of 4 UK based artists.

Using the obvious analogy of cutting we want people to have the chance to experience slicing through a piece of precious art work, part of their own culture in a focused and interested way. We are giving each participant ten minutes to make one cut to a piece of work, ten minutes to make one slash or mark in a piece of their own culture. A documentary of the event will be made and exhibited along with the cut up work where the performance happened until the end of the week, after which it will be made into a DVD and distributed through art bookshops an
d the internet with an accompanying limited edition publication. 

Yu’an, our curator first came to London from Taiwan 9 years ago and decided to stay because of the creative opportunities she found here that don’t exist elsewhere and the equality of those opportunities alongside more academic endeavours. With the current funding cuts to the arts she has begun to experience the limitations of the creative opportunities in this country for the first time, She feels as though England has suddenly realised that what it offers to its people is unsustainable (choice of lifestyle) and that economic success may be at the cost of the individuality that makes this country so unique, sellable and exciting. She has become interest
ed in how we can search for and develop our own opportunities. It is thus that this exhibition is about innocent fun and creative destruction for the consumer of culture.

We think this is an amazing opportunity to take part in a performance that will bring people together for one common purpose with many different motives. We are asking people to think about how they might use their ten minutes to make the right decision with their cut, how they might change an image inalterably or how equally their cut could subtly affect the surface. We will be revealing the details of the artists on this blog at 11.00 am on the 11th June.

You can find out how you can take part, be part of the film and receive the DVD through the website and we will see you on the 18th June for the big performance

This exhibition is for collective action, enjoying and valuing life for the sake of keeping the traditions of London’s extreme cultural atmosphere alive. 

Event dates                                                                                                                     

(Sat) 18th June 2011, COME CUT open filming start at 18:00 ends 22:00

(Mon) 20th June 2011, COME CUT open discussion with leading thinkers starts at 13:30 ends 16:30 


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