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born: 1977
born in: Hermosa Beach, California
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Black Flag was a hardcore punk band formed in 1976 in southern California, largely as the brainchild of Greg Ginn: the guitarist, primary songwriter and sole continuous member through multiple personnel changes. They are widely considered the first hardcore punk band.... [more]

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Unknown User says:
“It took me along time to dig these guys as a matter of fact, I got into Rollins Band then went back and refound Black Flag. Although they are great they are no where near as mature as the early Rollins solo(before End of Silence) Another interesting thing is to read Rollins writing round this time, I think he would have been living in Greg Ginn's Garage(actually a shack cause they were building the Garage) Maybe Black Coffee Blues( I read more Rollins then I can remember.NO ONE could ever convince me that Rollins sold out, Definitely his music changed, I do not believe his music was his most important out let though, really it was his writing, now it's been a number of years since I last read his written work but I think Solipsist is truly brilliant and the Legacy He was truly working toward, if you haven't read Rollins Drop what ever you are doing and do so NOW”
Posted over 6 years ago
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