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born: 1951
born in: La Romana
lives in: Santo Domingo
FERNANDO UREÑA RIB Born in La Romana, Dominican Republic, in 1951, Fernando Ureña Rib began his Art training at the Age of twelve cumulating with a degree and designation as Professor of Drawing from the National School of Fine Arts... [more]

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Through the real imaginary, Fernando Urena Rib intensifies, idealizes and converts life into a kingdom o f contemplation; a celebration of the harmony superior to which we live every day. The depth of simultaneities, rhythms, sequences elaborated by Fernando Ureña Rib, and translate the complex interiors of the soul and the many ephemeral impressions that flow in our perception and psychological reactions. Despite the evident changes in the work of Fernando Ureña Rib, principally in the free and fluid versions of our domestic flora, the exhibition " Intima" with the collection of oils (for he has maintained his affinity for that medium) provoked, at least in us something akin to a shudder. This privileged visual shock, and emotion is more frequently associated with listening to a piece of music. The first echoes of Fernando Ureña Rib's last Metamorphoses which reached us by means of newspaper reproductions, awakened a deep curiosity and allowed us to appreciate the symbiosis of energy and lyricism that exalts the values of the imagination. Our pleasure was such on entering the exhibition room located on the second floor of the Listín Diario, that when writing our column we could not contain our euphoria: "Is it a risk to affirm that an artist is presenting his best exhibition? It seems no more than a relative risk in term of critical valuation, which aside from that is always subjective of ...if one has knowledge of the artist's trajectory from his professional beginnings. Naturally one speak of the best exhibition to date-the future remains open.- We affirm presenting without reservation that Fernando Ureña Rib is presenting his best exhibition ( Listín Diario, December 1rst 1987) , and one year later we maintain the same preferential criterion. The impact is still as marked in our visual memory as when discovered the esthetic density of that exceptional sequence. Previous to that delight, which results from the individual contemplation of each work, one can be enveloped by the spectacle of the whole. MARIANNE DE TOLENTINO President of AICA Dominicana




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