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Uploaded by : Brian Wild | 05/11/11

Slowly time
slips into the dark
side of your mind
Tables become turned, or
toppled over
Abundant lines of excessive
changing tides, washing
sand upon the shores of
sanely sober
Vibrant eyes
gazing endlessly inside
A life surrounding
lives, as a kite surrounds
the sky

Delightful, calming
choirs dimming lights, and
drawing blinds
As darkness, fright
desire and deceit are left
Remarkable, admiring hands
death’s design:
Carving, ripening, starving
parting with the mind

Startling witful lines
remind us of a time:
Escaping childish eyes
Dividing all the
ties between
reasoning and rhyme
Denying all the lies
that cry, “Forever
never dies”

Clever never flies
Whether passing stones
in nursing homes or
nursing bones in burning zones
Cursing only those
who curse our own
Birds sing
every verse you know
Uniquely unrehearsed
your words are like a
bursting poem

Forgiven are the worst
Though it hurts
me so
I suggest get in a
hearse and go
Let sinners suffer
this dirt-covered
earth below:
winter, summer
perverse, controlled

Devoutly determined
you become
reversed and whole
Universally emersed
An eternally conversing soul

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