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Uploaded by : Marc Lafia | 02/01/09

Questions are routinely thrown my way … I am, of course thinking
about other things, asking myself my own questions: Am I a fitness
junkie? Man vs. Conformity? Can I get a date with Cindy
Crawford? Does being a Libra signify anything and if so, can you
prove it? Today I was obsessed with the idea of faxing Sarah’s
blood I drained from her vagina over to her office in the mergers
division at Chase Manhattan, and I didn’t work out this morning
because I’d made a necklace from the bones of some girl’s
vertebrae and wanted to stay home and wear it around my neck
while I masturbated in the white marble tub in my bathroom,
grunting and moaning like some animal. Then I watched a movie
about five lesbians and ten vibrators. Favorite group: Talking
Heads. Drink: J&B or Absolut on the rocks. TV show: Late Night
with David Letterman. Soda: Diet Pepsi. Water: Evian. Sport:

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