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Uploaded by : Kaveh | 12/12/10

Why do i get the feeling that god would love me, but life doesn’t.

Is it usually this dark at 2 am?

Smithers! Release the hooounds!

Disheveled….bored lumps of cereal poo

off the floor into the light

where Abraham quivers beneath the other light

–”tis morrow when Hell appear” (giggle, snarl)–

dressed in saffron and barber’s gear

to trim the fatmadness from the flock

and shave the curls of pampered snow.

Bark, says the red dog, bark bark bark!

Abe throws him a bone, pats the electric mane

fleas jump with fright up his golden frame!

Night falls and the curtains drop

bulbous frogs blow pussbubbles outside

but in his mistress blows candles out & & & almost....there——–>Isaac!

…..poor poor Isaac sits, like a carpet,

an arm lengths away from his father’s golden blade,

for Two Thouuuusand years he sits,

kneeling praying weeping

for the miracle.

(i think i hear him now)

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    Leonard Cohen is a muse i can't afford to lose
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    a poem written during finals period.
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