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Uploaded by : contemporaryart | 10/24/10

Light art Biennial Austria 2010

The first „Lightart Biennale Austria 2010“ is a non-commercial exhibition of lightart. There are light-artists as well as visual artists who uses light as an art-medium. The Biennale 2010 is using the slogan „private light in public spaces“.

The Lightart-Biennale Austria 2010 starts in autumn 2010 in Austria, consultant is Peet Thomsen (USA/Copenhagen/Linz) and the works are selected by a jury.

The start of the Biennale will be September 1st in Linz and September 4th 2010 in Perchtoldsdorf, with a final exhibition in Vienna in November 2010. We keep the public informed about the Biennale with a Blog, a Website and a planned printed catalogue. The submissions can be watched on . Selected artists and exhibition spaces can be seen on .

Artists from 4 continents and 21 countries have been selected by now.

  • Title:
    Light guards
  • Artist:
  • Year:
  • Description:
    The „timeguards“ of the Austrian artist Manfred Kielnhofer are the top of a some years lasting development. Dealing with room-concepts, sculptures and installations on one hand and the being engaged with mystic experiences and religion on the other hand lead the artist to these strange characters. 2006 the first of these figures was created. It reminds us of a walking monk, who seems to be lost in something. Kielnhofer puts his timeguard in public places like ancient castlers, old mines, main squares or in parks. Kielnhofers „timegurads“ come and go, nobody knows where they appear the next time. They let us never forget that we are always watched. (Critics by: Martina Gansterer).
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    DESIGN ARTS, VISUAL ARTS and Sculpture
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