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Uploaded by : Anthony Evans | 04/08/10

The first in a series of 3.

The theme is Source Shines Through and the sub-theme for this piece is Earth, represented by red pigment, which in places is flat and solid and in others flows and interacts with the flow of silver.

Along its spectrum of densities Earth has the hardest (most dense) of matter, as well as the most transitionary like water or air. The focus here is on the most solid of states, which is why I use red - the most base colour which to me refrences the 'solid Earth' as well as our basic and most external nature.

That the structure stands 'off' the canvas is a reflection that pertains to physical reality, the obeseness of external.

The 'iceberg' structure reflects those attributes in the physical world that are ever changing and mutable - they represent a still snapshot which lasts momentarily before it has changed in form, never to be repeated.

The flow of silver in colour and cencept, unify these two extremes, reflecting the unmutable as mutable and visa versa, to bring rise to the thought that the physical is perhaps not as it appears. Its reflective quality hints at the unstable and holographic nature of the physical. It reflects, that light is the basis for what we see, that perhaps light merely reflects thought.

Which is why I use epoxy resin - to represent that we look through something to experience the physical, like looking at a landscape photograph to experience the landscape - it represents our inner aspect, our conciousness, whereby we are able to look through an idea to actualise it, thereby experiencing it.

And as waters 'expression' changes when imbued with differing intent or emotional value, as documented by Dr. Masaru Emoto, resin molecules also bond to form new molecular structures as it cures, so I imbue the resin with 'energies' or values of 'intention', such as Light, Love, Clarity and Truth. I do this while working with the resin and whilst its curing I 'pour' my intention into the resin by holding my hands over it and focusing the desired intent 'into' it. The idea being that once its cured, the intent is locked in and resonates from the piece.

That I create this idea as art, something to be displayed, represents the extraordinary beauty and miracle of the holographic creative universe - just as Source (God) might frame Earth and hang it someplace visable.

If I have an aim, it is to bring focus back to the observer, showing the external as illusion and light-play, to remind you of your internal.

My art is the shape of an idea, as well as merely a shape I want to make. Which comes first is a matter of perspective.

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