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Uploaded by : Chris Vroom | 01/18/09

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    Arne Quinze
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    For the duration of one year, Brussels’ Quartier Louise will be enlivened by CITYSCAPE, an impressive wooden sculpture by Belgian artist Arne Quinze. The project is a joint operation with the car brand MINI, who has sponsored the art project. Quinze: ‘MINI has managed to change the face of the city. It is a vehicle that demands a reaction as it is almost impossible not to notice. MINI, to me, is a good example of successful communication.’ Simultaneous with the prelaunch of MINI CLUBMAN and during Design September 2007 (design events running from September 9th to 30th), Quinze’s CITYSCAPE will be open to the public from September 14th onwards. The 18 meter-high artwork is built on 12 meter-high wooden stilts. Carrying the same ambiguous traits as its earlier siblings, of which UCHRONIA (a giant wooden sculpture, last year built in Nevada desert) is the most striking example, CITYSCAPE attracts Brussels inhabitants to its outskirts like a magnet. It encourages us to interact, boosting new energy in a somewhat discarded neighborhood. Floating in the air, it provides a shelter to curious visitors, a place for contemplation and silence. Arne Quinze: ‘CITYSCAPE looks like a frozen movement; speed caught in time. It is a powerful means of communication, in many ways. If you look at it from a distance, pure movement seems to keep the volatile structure in the air. Sunrays play with the wooden beams; a game of light and shade creates ever-changing patterns. Its immense size – 40 meters long and 25 meters wide – absorbs you. CITYSCAPE calls for instant reactions, it’s impossible not to feel anything.’
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    Architecture and Sculpture
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    cool and architectural

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