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    Crucifixion, by Emil Nolde 1912 Oil on canvas Emil Nolde added a special, mystical dimension to German Expressionism, and his career illustrates a number of the moral dilemmas which faced German Modernists of the first generation, since his instincts were nationalist and conservative even though his art was regarded as experimental. 'I had an infinite number of visions at this time, for wherever I turned my eyes nature, the sky, the clouds were alive, in each stone and in the branches of each tree, everywhere, my figures stirred and lived their still or wildly animated life, and they aroused my enthusiasm as well as tormented me with demands that I paint them.' Emile Nolde for more go here (ml)
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    20th-Century & Beyond, German Expressionism and Painting
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    sincere, profane, perverse, moody, hallucinatory, visceral, tragic, agitated and experimental

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