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Uploaded by : Sol Rezza | 01/10/11

  • Title:
    Verdades Minúsculas
  • Artist:
    Sol Rezza
  • Year:
  • Description:
    “Who wasn’t ever afraid?, Who hasn’t felt like dust? Who saw the fall of a leaf? Who did not draw over a fogged glass? Who didn’t wanted to be a soap bubble? Who knows anything? Who knows nothing?” To Teodoro W. Adorno and Momo, my two cats. —-ALL ALBUM In:—- ——————————- I. Preguntas (Questions). [sound art /experimental music] Dedicated to Daniel Ivan, for letting me do all possible questions. * Soundscape: Municipal vivarium at Amecameca – recorded by Sol Rezza 2010 —————————– II.Verdades minúsculas (Tiny Truths). [spoken word/ experimental music] Text: A string moves and produces a vibration in the air. A drop of water falls and produces a vibration in the air. A dove flies and produces a vibration in the air. A caterpillar is born and produces a vibration in the air. An elephant dies and produces a vibration in the air. Voices: Sol rezza – Daniel Iván ————————- III.Una luna roja para Momo (A red moon to MoMo). [sound art/ experimental music] On December 20th 2010, Momo my cat died. The same day the moon dressed in red and the winter became colder. * December 20, 2010. Winter Solstice coincided with a total lunar eclipse for the first time in 456 years. ————————- IV.Plui de soleil (Rain of sun). [spoken word/ experimental music] Text: The rustiness of the days impending heaviness the walls are shed, moisture corrodes the soul and you do not stop feeling how difficult it is to move upstream, and at the same time, how difficult it is to stop moving . Voice: Sol Rezza ————————————————– For the pieces of this album were used: -Analyzers and generators fractal sounds. -Virtual Instruments without a MIDI coneccion, only computer. Produced by Sol Rezza – Years 2010 – 2011 Sleeve Desing: Daniel Iván.
  • Disciplines and Movements:
    MUSIC, Soundtracks, Experimental Music and Microsound
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    no themes

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