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Uploaded by : Sol Rezza | 01/08/11

  • Title:
    Polillas - (Moths)
  • Artist:
    Sol Rezza
  • Year:
  • Description:
    These pieces are intended to be heard whit earphones; and, if possible, in the dark. “She was sitting on the first step with a mirror between his fingers. At the sense that not looking at the mirror, but kept him backwards, as if she wants something reflected in it, I began to watch. Long time and remained at the foot of the stairs, little, lonely, looking at the back of the small mirror. So not to frighten her, I went before asking: - What are you doing with that mirror? “I showed to be great, and sure did not understand, she added: – I force myself to look at things that are big mirrors” Nora Lange All parts were thought to be transmitted by radio. These pieces are based on texts by Oliverio Girondo Argentine writer. These were entirely produced by recording various vocal and guttural sounds. Pieces: I. 25 segundos de vida (25 seconds of Life) [15:00m] II. Los Muchos NO (The Many NO) [3:14m] III. Polillas (Moths) [3:14m] In the first two parts (25 seconds of Life – The many NO) both vowels and guttural sounds on the originals, in the third part (Moths) sounds have been altered by computer. 25 seconds of life: This particular piece was developed from news about H1N1 influenza pandemic occurred in 2009. Voices and interpretations lot NO: Daniel Iván. Piece Traslation: “If I have had suspected what’s heard after death, I wouldn’t kill myself.” Produced by Sol Rezza – Year 2009
  • Disciplines and Movements:
    MUSIC, Experimental Music and Musique Concrete
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    no themes

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