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Uploaded by : Sol Rezza | 01/08/11

  • Title:
    Mantra Para una Flor- Mantra for a flower
  • Artist:
    Sol Rezza
  • Year:
  • Description:
    Estas piezas fueron realizadas para ser escuchadas con audífonos; y, en lo posible, en la oscuridad. Mantra for a flower is a sound art piece designed specifically for use in meditation and relaxation exercises. Instructions to follow (or not) to listen to “Mantra for a flower” -Find in quiet place for relaxation exercise. -For relaxation it is best that the place is cozy, comfortable, quiet and the ambient temperature to our liking. -Wear comfortable clothing. -Having 15 to 30 minutes of time at least. -Sitting with legs crossed and back straight on the floor or on a mat, failing in a fabric or carpet, etc. -Listen to the piece with headphones. -He recommended that this exercise in the morning or at night. For relaxation: -Look to concentrate on your breathing (inhalation-exhalation), or try to change only visualize how air enters your body, travel and finally how does your body expels the air. -When you feel comfortable try to visualize and imagine how a flower opens as it grows, look for the details, imagine the sound it makes when opened, imagine their colors, their anatomy, texture, etc. -When completed the display creates search again focus on your breathing. -Open your eyes slowly. -Relax your body, change positions slowly. -Take time to join, do not make sudden movements. This piece was produced based on harmonica improvisations modified through computer, achieving this way the final sound textures. Pieces: I. Mantra for a flower [13:00] Produced by Sol Rezza – Year 2009
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    MUSIC, Experimental Music and Microsound
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