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Uploaded by : Sol Rezza | 01/08/11

  • Title:
    Bird Migration
  • Artist:
    Sol Rezza
  • Year:
  • Description:
    These pieces are intended to be heard whit earphones; and, if possible, in the dark. “The machines, he said, are the product of the art of nature, able to play, not the mere forms of the latter, but its very mode of action. So I explained the wonders of the clock, the astrolabe and the magnet. However, at the beginning that they were afraid of witchcraft, and pretended to sleep on some nights serene as he (using a strange triangle) is spent observing the stars “ The name of the rose. Umbeto Eco The bird migration and technology. Communicating is the same in any language. This production was made from soundscapes and live bird songs, using technology to amend these soundscapes to finally achieve a communication between nature and technology. In this piece I used 150 modified bird songs and 50 unmodified bird songs. Piece: I. Bird Migration [3:54] Produced by Sol Rezza – Year 2009
  • Disciplines and Movements:
    MUSIC, Experimental Music and Microsound
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