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Uploaded by : Sol Rezza | 01/08/11

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    Voyager: una canción de cuna para adultos / Voyager: A lullaby for adults
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    Sol Rezza
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    These pieces are intended to be heard whit earphones; and, if possible, in the dark. If each of us could send its own gold record, as balloons are released into space What we would send? “Voyager: A lullaby for adults” is a radio art/experimental radio piece made from the idea that all human beings should be able to have the opportunity to send our history in space. Gold discs that contain both the Voyager 1 and 2 sent into space by NASA with the intention of contacting other little say about us as human beings, a compendium images, mathematics, physics, geometry and language that is far from giving a small impression of what the earth and its inhabitants, perhaps the simplest stories, more can be sent daily and maybe someday someone / something has an interest in contacting us. Dedicated: To Hugo Rezza, Dolores Falcón and Daniel Iván who helped me with their stories to tell my own story. Piece: I. Voyager: Una canción de cuna para adultos [08:27] Interviews: Hugo Alejandro Rezza. (August 2009 – Argentina)-Dolores Clotilde Falcón. (August 2009 - Argentina)-Daniel Iván García Manriquez (November 2009 - México) Additional voices and sounds: -Women Vidaleras of Catamarca (Recorded in 2004 – Argentina) -Child Guide-Sun Island (Recorded in 2005 – Isla del Sol, Bolivia) -Old woman living in Anaghuan, Mexico. (Recorded in 2006 – Michoacan – Mexico) -Harmonic: Daniel Ivan Garcia Manriquez. -Additional Voices: Sol Rezza – Daniel Ivan. Produced by Sol Rezza – Year: 2010
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