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Uploaded by : idrioema | 06/15/12

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    The present composition is focused on the concept of language, primarily on it's written and oral form. Every language, whether written or oral, contains symbols and its own distinctive sounds that distinguish it from others by providing a specific identity and hence uniqueness. Syntax has the meaning of order and this order is dictated by the syntactic composition model adopted. To order, therefore, different languages ​​by means of a unique syntax of composition, paradoxically lead not only to a sort of hybridization but also to a highlighting of the different symbolic and sonorous variables of the individual languages ​​involved. In this regard, a poem has been translated into different languages and then has been processed using the same programming language, typical of Internet browsers, leading to build a horizontal babel with the vain purpose of standardize the comunication. This construction is destined to collapse by the structure used as insufficient and inappropriate to the assumption and contrary to its own intrinsic value in the diversity of its components because it tends to destroy both the form and substance of symbols and original meanings. communication without communicability: silence The sounds used are the result of the conversion of text using speech synthesizers and their following transformations. _ audio track: _ idrioema © 2012 _ Note: Watch it in HD fullscreen mode.
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    DESIGN ARTS, Graphic Design, The Digital Era, Postmodernism, Typography, FILM, Independent Film, Experimental Film, Abstraction, Avant-Garde Film, LITERATURE, Poetry, MUSIC, Experimental Music, Musique Concrete, Microsound, Electro-Acoustic, Field Recordings, Electronica and Ambient...
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    minimal and silence

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