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    Christine Ann Atallah and the Bassalindos
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    A sensual Latin love song with a pulsing beat, in Spanish about the consolation of a strong physical connection with another person. Of course, it's a love song, dears. Christine was inspired by the song, Con Todo Palabra by Lhasa de Sela another very talented Montreal artist. Christine and Danny wrote this song while in the countryside on a writing jaunt. They were lost in the woods one night and Christine was touched by the moon shining on patches of water where the lake was not frozen... This is the other inspiration for the lyrics of this song... The love she speaks of in the piece is of the obsessed, passionate and worshipful kind, where you lose yourself in the union of two souls and bodies and are totally out of time and space in the lovers'universe. The song means whisper... and is meant as a caress, as one gives the beloved. Enjoy, from the Escapades album. Buy album here: More on Christine and the Bassalindos: On My Space:
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    MUSIC and World Music
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    dreamy, feminine, charming and sensual

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