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Uploaded by : pamelaVITALE | 12/23/09

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    "Incubate" Part 1 of SUB_languid TATT Surg: human struggle and rebirth...or just a bad day on earth! Art concept and performance by pamelaVITALE. Photography by abject photo. * Currently 0.0/5 Stars. Artist # pamelaVITALE Categories PERFORMING ARTS, Modern and Contemporary Dance, Pure Movement, VISUAL ARTS and Mixed Media... Themes no themes Body performance in silk hammock with water sprayed on outside to give the effect of moisture/condensation and baby oil and water applied to performer inside hammock to create liquid quality almost like blood, The water and oil also allow the performer flexibility in movement and expression while silk stretched and responded to movement.
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    PERFORMING ARTS, Theatrical Movement, VISUAL ARTS, Video Art, Photography and Conceptual Photography
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