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Uploaded by : Artemis Herber | 11/14/12

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    Artemis Herber
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    Sculpture Now 2012, Washington Sculpture Group at Pepco Edison Place Gallery, Washington DC With their big, womb-like, rounded walls, VESSELS evoke the idea of being harbored in a safe realm, separating exterior and environment with openings where viewers can walk in, through and around discovering different views and formations. In various groupings, they create interactions, floating dynamically, with boundaries constantly redefined. My inspiration came from how impressed I was by the giant vessels anchoring in Baltimore harbor, by the beautiful shape of the bows, sterns and keels. Many of those vessels sit at docks, shipyards or wharfs for repair. Others reside permanently, old rusty dinosaurs, artifacts of global shipping and trade that define the city's manufactured landscape and its economy. Paradoxically, my works are created from sustainable material, made of corrugated cardboard – a material which represents the market of global trade itself – now transformed and appearing rust-covered and decaying, denoting the temporal, fleeting character of our self-contained lives.
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    VISUAL ARTS and Installation Art
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