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Uploaded by : Fred Holle | 11/16/11

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    Fred Holle
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    As a teacher, I consider drawing to be an indispensable discipline for visual artists of all persuasions. For this reason, I welcomed the opportunity to participate in the production of a series of five CLASSICAL LIFE DRAWING videos, each covering a specific aspect of figure drawing. They remain in production under the trademark, Artist-in-Residence® videos. DVD AND VHS AVAILABLE Contact:
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    VISUAL ARTS, Video Art and Drawing
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““VIDEO EXPLANATIONS Artist-in-Residence® Classical Life Drawing DVD & VHS There are 5 videos in the Artist-in-Residence Series, as follows: FOR THE BEGINNER, FROM THE BEGINNING-As the title suggests, this video is very basic. It is an in-depth demonstration of how to convert reality into shapes and patterns for the purposes of proportion and composition. It attempts also to create a foundation for a sustained drawing which utilizes one or more of the major drawing approaches. The video is 1 hour, 20 minutes long and in color. price: $29.95 VIDEO # 1, DIAGRAM & NATURAL CONTOUR DRAWING - This video is an in-depth demonstration utilizing diagram drawing as a foundation with a contour overlay. Contour is the use of line to draw the edges of the subject. The demonstrations include a head study and a straight contour drawing of the whole figure. in color 60 minutes price: $29.95 VIDEO # 2 - GESTURAL DIAGRAM & QUICK CONTOUR -This video involves the use of gesture (rapid drawing foundation up to 90 seconds in duration) and then an overlay of Contour done quickly ( up to five minutes long). in color 60 minutes price: $29.95 VIDEO # 3 - MASS DRAWING -A vital part of Classical Life Drawing that deals with the surfaces and bulk of the subject. The process is called modeling wherein one executes a work on paper that is similar in concept to what a sculptor might do with a lump of clay. in color 60 minutes price: $29.95 VIDEO # 4 - COMBINATION DRAWING -A Personal Approach Here are optional drawing approaches; Diagram, Contour, Mass and Gesture. Through lecture-demonstrations they are presented in various combinations to help the students discover the best method of expression for themselves - a personal approach. in color 60 minutes price: $29.95 Please note: Each video allows some model time for the students to practice after each demonstration. These small periods can be rewound for continued student work. Each video is $29.95. ALL FIVE WORKSHOPS FOR $125. ” ”
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