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Uploaded by : Ardian Isufi | 08/30/11

  • Title:
    “Zëri i Popullit” People’s Voice
  • Artist:
    Ardian Isufi
  • Year:
  • Description:
    Ardian Isufi / “Zëri i Popullit” People’s Voice / 2010 / oil pencil on the newspapers / 140 x 70 cm I have rummaged in my family’s archives because my father was very careful in preserving pieces of our family stories and thanks to him (my father) I have found a very interesting detail: The People’s Voice newspaper in 1987 had an article on “me” and some others as Exemplar Pioneers of Enver, authored by Besnik Mustafaj, one of the renowned Albanian writers during communism and in its service; after ’90 with the “Fall of Berlin Wall” he is still a well-known political actor along the lines of “human vanity remaining always close to power”. There are three newspaper clips of the same newspaper titled “Count us too”, which is the leitmotif of a song described by the journalist B.M. Overall the three clips for me look like the emulation stands during the time of Dictator E. Hoxha, where “I” am part of the event… the text being very pathetic when seen through present eyes and you understand how deformed was that reality in our country!!! 1. The first clip (title and date from “Zëri i Popullit” People’s Voice); I have drawn by circling with a pencil several parts where the pathetic language of the dictatorship time is very visible; having circled my name in the article. 2. Second clip (copy of the original of “Zëri i Popullit” People’s Voice); I have drawn with pencil scenes from morning physical exercise, which was a significant event for the communist time because the crowd looked like remote controlled robots, thus obedient. 3. Third clip (copy of the original of “Zëri i Popullit” People’s Voice); I have drawn several children dressed in military clothes parading, in a contrast between their authoritarian clothes and their fragility!!! “Zëri i Popullit” People’s Voice looks like the mutation and as a result a human deformation of all the events and stories happening, which testify about a time of repression on the human rights and freedoms under the communist regime of dictator Enver Hoxha in Albania.
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    VISUAL ARTS, Mixed Media and Drawing
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