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Uploaded by : Ardian Isufi | 07/31/11

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    Ardian Isufi
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    Ardian Isufi / HYBRID / 2010 / dental polyester gum and mixed techniques (180 molar and 16 teeth) / diameter-4cm / height-18cm The object represents playing with the image, realized by the replacement of the corn grains in the “cob” object with human teeth, which comes as a transcendence of the artistic stance on “the content and the interpretation of the image” in the work “This is not a pipe” by the surrealist René Magritte. The visual game reflects the human dilemma of biting-usurpation, and it is an irony on the individual realized through the conveyance of roles and functions, in which the “cob” becomes a threatening hybrid being. The HYBRID looks like the mutation and as a result a human deformation of all the events and stories happening, which testify about a time of repression on the human rights and freedoms in Albania under the communist regime of dictator Enver Hoxha in Albania
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    VISUAL ARTS, Installation Art and Sculpture
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