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Uploaded by : Sol Rezza | 07/30/11

  • Title:
    Matar al Gato 2.2: Ekpyrótica (Multimedia Performance, recorded live on 7/7/2011)
  • Artist:
    Sol Rezza
  • Year:
  • Description:
    Matar al Gato 2.2: Ekpyrotica was the third of a series of sound-art/multimedia-art performances by Panz4 Troupé, the collaborative art space between Sol Rezza (argentinean sound artist, sound designer and Sound Jockey) and Daniel Iván (mexican video artist, multimedia artist and photographer). This version was held as a physical performance at Laboratorio Arte Alameda, one of the main venues for contemporary art in Mexico City. The Ekpyrotica series deal with the idea of Ekpyrosis, proposed by the Stoic philosophers. They believed the universe is repeated after every "great year", and that this repetition is preceeded by the universe's destruction via a "conflagration". On this version of Ekpyrotica, the artist's tried to achieve a clearer sense of "repetition" and to clarify the shape and boundaries of the repetitions they were using. Although they were reusing parts of previous versions, must of the footage and sounds on this version are either new or received a different treatment. Both sound and image were designed to be projected/amplified live in the performance venue.
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    VISUAL ARTS, Performance Art and Photography
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