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  • Title:
    Hussein Chalayan Spring/Summer Collection 2007
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    Hussein Chalayan is a British/Turkish Cypriot fashion designer. His graduate collection at Central Saint Martins in 1993, titled “The Tangent Flows”, contained clothes which he had buried in his back yard and dug up again. Björk commented about Chalayan: “He raises daily life to a level of something magical, he was born with these powers and it is a question of whether 50,000 business people are willing to go there with him.” . He did the jacket on the cover of ‘Post’ and several costumes for her tour in 1995. The Hussein Chalayan Spring/Summer Collection 2007 explores the history of twentieth century fashion using hidden motors that transform the clothes and creates a narrative. The finale of the show is a hat paired with the disappearance of fashion. Without clothing, do we experience a moment of Paradise or damnation?
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    DESIGN ARTS, Fashion Design, Conceptual Art and Performance Art
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