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Uploaded by : Philippe Javier Garcesto | 09/25/09

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  • Title:
    Piercing the Veil by Philippe Javier Garcesto @ Baguio City, Philippines July 2008
  • Artist:
    Philippe Javier Garcesto
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  • Description:
    Performance of my spoken word piece Piercing the Veil with my PEACE program friends at the DKK offices in Baguio City. This is shot in the night outside with zero lighting. Incorporates traditional Filipino instruments made from bamboo. July 2008 in Baguio City, Philippines Piercing the Veil By Philippe Javier Garcesto Breathe and Listen Ever since Voltaire's Age of Reason Supernatural Phenomenon and Superstition has been ridiculed by Science practitioners have been charged with treason by dogmatic authoritarian theocracies whose brand of monotheistic peace and love wrought destruction on indigenous cultures with a dove Christopher Columbus venerated on an American Holiday unwittingly unleashed the first real World War Economic Imperialism unleashed by European Royalty raped, pillaged, and plundered free people across the globe who lacked the foresight and the technology to combat Capitalism's unquenchable greed Indigenous Cultures knew how to respect Mother Earth living in Balance and Harmony was no Prophecy Some tribes could not differentiate between green and blue The sky and the forest canopy were the same in their view Everything bound together in blissful interconnectivity From the tree to the bee to the sea to the knee All things created out of the same energy Quantum Physics postulates a world of vibrating frequencies Tiny little particles we can neither touch, taste, smell, hear nor see Just another perspective on reality or way to be Let me take you back to pre-history 50,000 years ago we were gifted with our current physiology But our ancestors were simple stone tool using hunter gatherers Then 20,000 years ago visionary art, sculpture, and religion exploded onto the scene with a flurry of creativity We were granted conceptual ability initiated through a connection with Spirituality From spears to shoes to skyscrapers to spaceships this is the power of human ingenuity We now stand at the peak of modern civilization Masters of our own Destiny Though many of us fail to see this clearly That reality is simply a reflection of your inner state Because we are trapped in the illusion and the delusion of the Elite Few who believe they have the right to rule over the Oppressed Many by the government's purposefully underfunded education system a factory churning out conforming consumers seduced by a false and deceiving media with images of bling, bitches, and booze as the signifiers of success or else you lose debasing women as nothing more than sexual icons confusing feminist empowering female domination instead of mutual respect and gender equality then strung along by hypocritical religious authorities through liturgies, discourses, and seminars proclaiming to Speak in God's name when in vain the disillusioned masses cry out for a savior instead of claiming their divine right as one with the creator For too long we have shirked our spiritual responsibility as equal co-creators of our reality We have been given a great gift and a great responsibility We can no longer stand to see Millions of our brothers and sisters die for Billions of meaningless paper printed off the bark of trees REJOICE! In our lifetime we will have witnessed great suffering But we will also bear witness to a great rebirth To a new era of free loving people Free people who truly listen to their hearts Free people who refuse to submit to psychic tyranny Free people who are connected spiritually with no intermediaries claiming to give salvation Salvation comes from within and starts from the heart There are no fancy tricks, no mysteries, no evangelical saviors Don't expect anyone to come save you, you must save yourself If you have love, reverence, and humility for the wonder of existence the universe will reply in kind Self-respect is the beginning to building a positive future a man of peace once said "Be the change that you want to see in the World"
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    PERFORMING ARTS, Theatrical Movement and Theater
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