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Uploaded by : Fred Holle | 02/17/11

  • Title:
    EPIPHANY, version 2
  • Artist:
    Fred Holle
  • Year:
  • Description:
    "EPIPHANY" is a FREEHAND digital print. This print is 14.5" X 12" in size and printed in an edition of 50. As a printmaker, my principal MEANS of expression is the computer. Ironically,about 10 years ago, I was what might be called “a raging luddite”. I was totally averse to computers on every level. An “epiphany” occurred when I found that, with the freehand use of the computer, one could develop works of a traditional nature just as when utilizing traditional mediums and methods. The computer also afforded a great sense of experimental freedom due to its capacity to create multiple versions or return to earlier states of any given work. This freedom has also allowed me to synthesize my drawing and printmaking into one act, a direct conduit from subjective cognition to the picture plane.
  • Disciplines and Movements:
    VISUAL ARTS, 20th-Century & Beyond, Social Realism, Neo-Expressionism and Printmaking
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    no themes

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