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Uploaded by : Fred Holle | 09/02/10

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    Fred Holle
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    My primary vehicle of expression over the years has been an ongoing series titled “GNOMEGAME”. It's guiding CONCEPT relates to the revelation and personification of universal human attitudes ranging from harmless foibles to the darker edges of human nature. My awareness of the particular “attitude” being manifested on the picture plane usually crystallizes as either a painting unfolds. That is, I don't preconceive. This approach permits me to create a direct conduit from subjective cognition to the piece in progress. Perhaps this modus operandi is the result of my early years as an Abstract-Expressionist painter. I have the greatest faith in intuition and the truth it generates. "PLUME" is a freehand airbrush/acrylic painting and is one of an ongoing series of works titled: GNOMEGAME" It is 40" X 30" in sizeon archival , heavy illustration board.
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    VISUAL ARTS, Painting and Figurative Painting
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