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Uploaded by : moonis | 08/11/10

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    kashmir and me
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    battiling of survival the civilization of life seems to be sarcastic here in kashmir... this conflict which is leaving us with one of the most dreadful and horrifying pages of history to be recorded, and then when life will renew its history of passing seconds with an entirely different generation, this old civilization which was batteling for survival amongst on one side the leading economy of world, on the other side a land which was suffering from turmoil and the other which were in old terms the colonials. china, pakistan and india respectivily... at that moment of time this history will be cherished... but the pain that we experience and the blood that is all over the streets will not be remembered... heros will be discoverd.. they will be praised and cherished... but the blood and the pain will drain somewhere in the infinite undiscoverable vaccum of history... but today and this time there is one message that is passed by every one of us here in kashmir i protest
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Unknown User says:
Posted over 3 years ago
moonis replies:
“thank u dear... i am sorry for the late response... where r u frm r u a kashmiri or from somewhere else.”
Posted over 3 years ago
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