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DF en inglés

Three years wondering how did I finish in here. It is about silence. Tlatelolco cannot be that quiet all the time. It must have another voice sound noise, different to the Singer machine and the cars outside. This is like three years of hiding.

“I think you have done well in here. You are a succesful model, something you never expected. You paid your debts in the States working from here.”

True. I am living the opposite equation of the border. I’m selling my body to make my living. She discovered me in a store. “Can you try these clothes for me, I’ll give you money.” She did. Then we had dinner and made love. We now live in her mother’s apartment, without her of course. She is not around here anymore, just in the pictures she kept next to the candles. I do like this place, it is big and I don’t pay anything. Moreover, I found myself as an actor too. I am probably the only show in the Plaza de las Tres culturas. I am the man, the woman, I am the everything non-genre creature.

“You gotta take me to the States soon. I have a new collection and I know people will die with my clothes.”

How did I finished earning more money than her? I don’t know. I used to see myself as talentless man, but lucky enough to get laid. She wants to go to the States. Me too. But I don’t want to do it for the money. I want to do my show there. I want to be close to the lake, under the avenues in Chicago’s downtown. In a park during the summer. I know people will like my body. There are only two countries in the world where my belly can be successful, and I am so lucky I was born in one of them and the other is the neighbor country. Born in the States, born again in Mexico, born in Mexico, born again in the US. My epitaph. Accurate.

“These are gabachos colors, check it out."
“We should try New York too. I know places and people.”

She can make it. I know that. I do it here, she does it there. Easy. “How you ever think for how long can we stay there?” She has asked that since I met her. She knows we are going. Soon. Every time she lights the candles, she knows we are going.

  • Title:
    DF en Inglés (México City in English)
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  • Description:
    An American citizen lives the opposite equation of the Mexican-American border
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    minimal, intimate, absurd and ironic

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