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Uploaded by : Arty | 03/19/10

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    An opening to Love
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    “Kokoro O Hiraku” (To open up one’s heart) by Fengshui Fortune is an enchanting heart shaped sky blue Turquoise gemstone pendant broach embraced by a copper color cage like mounting. The bright sky blue color of the turquoise shines through struggling to break free of the bonds that hold it in place. A closed heart is an unloving heart. To embrace love one needs to overcome inner conflict and open up to the love and happiness awaiting them. This creation will attract love and luck. It encourages an open and free heart, strengthening the spirit and bringing love not only from with out but also within. “Kokoro O Hiraku” relates to the memorable line that “all you need is love”. It instills the belief that you bring more love and luck into your life, with an open heart.
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    DESIGN ARTS, Metabolism and the Japanese New Wave and Jewelry Design
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