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Uploaded by : Marc Lafia | 10/21/09

  • Title:
    Charlotte Rampling and William Eggleston
  • Artist:
    Juergen Teller
  • Year:
  • Description:
    While much of the work in "Weird Beauty" is extravagantly theatrical, the show also includes some examples of fashion photographs that mimic the look of more "authentic" forms of photography like snapshots, documentary work, and amateur porn. Juergen Teller is one of the current masters of the snapshot aesthetic in fashion photography, a style that emerged in the 1990s as a reaction to the overproduced slickness of the previous decade. Here, Teller expands his celebrated advertising campaign for Marc Jacobs into a story for Purple Fashion magazine. The spread features actress Charlotte Rampling and renowned American photographer William Eggleston in variety of mildly tawdry tableaux in a Paris hotel room. Teller shot the pictures using a handheld 35-milimeter camera with an onboard flash. The harsh, unflattering light bleaches out the colors and intensifies the mood of louche glamour and bohemian decadence. Though the scenario is contrived, the spread capitalizes on Eggleston's real-life reputation as an aristocratic Southern bad boy. Dakota Fanning also makes an appearance as Eggleston's fictional daughter. Standing in the corner in a fluffy white dress and white satin heels, Fanning comes across as a waifish Lolita, further sharpening the story's erotic edge.
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    DESIGN ARTS, Fashion Design, VISUAL ARTS and Photography
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