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Uploaded by : angela Silver | 09/15/09

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    angela Silver
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    This project acts critically on the interface between urbanity and infrastructure. DUMBO is a context defined by the tension between polarities in scale, surface, material and experience. It is the arterial roads and bridges floating above that contain and enclose, but also act to define and delineate it as place. When that tension implicit in the polarity dissipates, you know you are elsewhere. I propose Tercet to act critically on that tension. It embraces and uses the machinery of the infrastructure to undermine the intensity of its experience. The installation works with and usurps the contemporary signage system used to relay road conditions to car commuters. The portable electronic message boards, or EMBs have become ubiquitous in contemporary commuter culture both within cities and on highways. Tercet offers a series of written words offering a moment of disruption in ordinary life to be discovered by both commuters and pedestrians. The work seeks to insert poetics into public space.
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    VISUAL ARTS and Installation Art
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