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Uploaded by : Grady Gerbracht | 09/12/09

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    Grady Gerbracht
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    This project exists as a series of photographic C-prints and a meditative audio/video gallery installation in which I visualize planes of pure sound that correspond to field recordings of various spans of high tension wire. Because there are few roads in the rural interior of Rio Grande do Sul, and the shortest distance between any two points is a straight line, the high tension wires that supply remote farms with electricity follow a pragmatic logic, often departing from established routes like dirt roads and rail road beds to cut across the region's otherwise natural and agrarian landscape. One can trace these power lines from one farm to the next, through picturesque fields of rice, soybeans, and grazing animals towards the urban centers where the supply of electricity originates. I treat these electrical cables and their supporting utility poles as a monumental stringed instrument, which is always producing a unique oscillating music that is the result of an unconscious collaboration between man and nature.
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    VISUAL ARTS, Site Specific Art, Environmental Art, Installation Art, Performance Art, Video Art, Photography and Sound Art
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