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    Jeffrey Krause
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  • Description:
    1994 Non-Place-Space is the notion that architecture can exist in a variety of conditions, such as a digital simulation, architectural of the mind, or the affectation of non-perceivable "forces" within reality. This thesis is a step-by-step attempt to look into alternate methodologies of using computation and data applied to urban planning and the built landscape. The base concept is to utilize dynamic systems to influence, change, or modify the urban landscape. The most tangible metaphor can be drawn from the nightly news weather report; we are quite aware of the images, the mappings (temperature, Doppler, isotherms), and the animations - now envision an urban environment with similar mappings (vectors, concentric rings, forces) of urban conditions such as property values, land use, crime rates, and other demographics, dynamically mapped onto the urban environment - ultimately these changing forces could virtually "transform" the built environment and alter our perception or experience of space.
  • Disciplines and Movements:
    Architecture and Information Design
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    elegant, mathematical, technology and architectural

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