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Uploaded by : Flakey | 10/29/13

I am an ex-pat Scot who took off into the Mauritanian Sahara in 2005 to become a shepherd of camels and erroneously left there in 2009 on the promise of making documentaries, only to be later abandoned in West Africa by my then employer Urs Jakob, the father of the majestic Gershwin Hotel.

I then made another fundamental error by becoming the gardener for the Malian legend Salif Keita only to find out his well kept secret from the rest of the world and obviously NOT Mali and is related in a short memoir I WAS SALIF KEITA'S GARDENER available on Kindle for less than $8. It will be included in the larger memoir DOWN & OUT IN BAMAKO & GLASGOW but as I'm finding life near impossible here in Bamako I can't promise it will be out by Xmas

I would have loved to have taken pastels out into the Sahara as THE only medium suitable for the desert and am heavily influenced by Degas and Monet. I am a frustrated artist without the means to paint and miss the peace and tranquility of the desert.

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