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A whimsy of line and shape, a childlike frolicking, drawing gleefully outside the lines. The playful is merry and frivolous, enjoyment for the pure pleasure of the thing itself, without ulterior motive. The playful is indifferent to strict structure -- although it is by no means bereft of order. Rather, it does what it will within its world -- happily, more or less obliviously, certainly with delight.

Themes represent basic categories of thought, emotion, or value. While our assignment of themes may at times seem arbitrary or whimsical, they serve to link together artists and movements along non- hierarchial pathways. Follow the themes to look for new disciplines that share qualities with those you already like, or to open up new worlds of Art and Culture.


Past Events

Tree House Alhambra, CA, United States
10 Aug - 24 Aug
nucleus / details
Tandem Montreal, Quebec, Canada
20 Aug - 29 Aug
Visual Voice Art Gallery / details
Cut And Dry Montreal, Quebec, Canada
24 Sep - 30 Sep
Red Bird Gallery / details
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