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links and comments on the free university idea

from Infinite Thought, posted over 5 years ago
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[Some amazing links here and some very important points. To be digested, slowly, like ideas passing through all four stomachs of a cow. More anon].


An online university strikes me as a great idea, although "proletarian" I assume is the idea, not a proposed title. My limited understanding of this is that online universities, although claiming to offer "courses" and "lessons", don't actually do this. They don't have any sort of institutional substance. They are more geared towards acquiring knowledge and skills, rather than a degree.

Perhaps I haven't followed the full history of your blog on this topic, and not living or working in the UK means I don't have any real interest in the "evolution" of educational policy. But I gather it's bleak and obviously the financial crisis will sooner or later provide some Tory slaphead with the justification for axing courses and universities.

I would be interested in contributing to some...

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