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proletarian university against the university

from Infinite Thought, posted over 5 years ago
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From Ben:

My MPhil thesis was on Raymond Williams, and I touched upon his decision to move from working in Adult Education (aka workers education) to becoming a university professor. This was partly an affirmative decision following the rise in working class intake into the universities in the early '60s, but also a result of his disenchantment with a workers' education movement which had been coopted. It seems to me, if anything, the pendulum is swinging in the opposite direction now.

To understand the situation now, I think it's important to revisit the history of worker's education in Britain (which I only understand sketchily) - it seems that the formative event was the Ruskin Strike, and the split between the Pleb's League/NCLC (National Council of Labour Colleges) as a union-funded and therefore autonomous institution, versus the WEA which was linked into university extension courses. Williams worked for the WEA doing extramural education from Oxford...

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