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JG Ballard: Delightfully Vulgar

from Ballardian, posted over 9 years ago
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From Metro, July 25-Aug 2 2005.

Silicon Alleys: Machine Love
by Gary Singh

“THERE’S NO BETTER way to celebrate the inaugural San Jose Grand Prix Champ Car race than to quote legendary British author J.G. Ballard. You see, his 1973 novel Crash is so delightfully vulgar that David Cronenberg just had to finally make a film out of it a few years back. (Don’t get it confused with the current movie with the same title.) One of Ballard’s most famous works, Crash explores the concept of the car crash as sexual fantasy. Only Ballard would compare semen to engine coolant, and he did it over 30 years ago. The book, obviously, is not for little Johnny, as it’s chock-filled with graphic scenes of illicit sex and automobile wreckage.”

More at Metro, July 25-Aug 2 2005.

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