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Trip in Fluorescent Bulb (MP3)

from Disquiet, posted over 5 years ago
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Last week was a full-on SoundCloud.com celebration. All five of the daily Downstream entries were sourced from SoundCloud, a fantastic service for sharing, discovering, and discussing music, and the subject of the week’s “MP3 Discussion Group,” Alphabet 1968 by Black to Comm, was likewise available for free listening via SoundCloud (albeit streaming, not download, it being a commercial release). Here’s another recent SoundCloud discovery, a hovering drone credited to EdP of Portugal:

The track is a rich, warm drone, but for all its frothy effluence, it has an interior momentum that’s anything but somnolent. If the intention is a “trip in a fluorescent bulb,” as its instructional title suggests, the point of view is not that of a third-party perspective, but of a moth transfixed by the beacon. More info at soundcloud.com/edp. You can...

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