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Hot Damn Jamz 37: Where Are Dorkenkork & the HairShirtz?

from The Allmusic Blog, posted over 5 years ago
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This week we’ve got no time for snappy intros, no time to come up with any witty banter or half-serious boasts. There’s really not a moment to spare, such is our determination to get the piping hot jams right into your grubby little mitts. So we won’t talk about girl group-jacking weirdos we found. Or the sweet Canadian folk-poppers we dug up. We won’t bore you with how excited we are that bands are re-discovering the sounds of the UK Riot Girl scene. Nope, none of that. Straight on to the jamz!

Shannon and the Clams
We love this scuffed-up, slightly pervy sounding doo wop/girl group trio. Anyone who lists the both the Shangri-La’s and the Bad Brains as influences has the right idea about music and life!


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