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Using my work?

from Sandow, posted over 5 years ago
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Here's a question.

I'd love to hear from people who've made use of my work. People who, for instance, may have assigned or discussed it in courses they teach. Or cited it in discussions inside classical music organizations. Or else quoted it in things they've written.

ADDED LATER: And as I should have said -- all responses are confidential, unless you tell me otherwise, or (of course) unless you post them publicly as comments.
I know these things have happened, because I've heard from people who've done them. Not too long ago, for instance, I talked to someone on the board of a classical music group, who'd quoted me often, he said, to other board members.

People may also have put some of my ideas into practice, or else done things suggested by my ideas.

I'm not asking for public credit. You can email me privately. Or comment on the blog, if you'd like...

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