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That Summertime Sound, by Matthew Specktor.

from The Elegant Variation, posted over 5 years ago
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The best book you are not reading because it's been widely ignored is Matthew Specktor's That Summertime Sound. �How does a book this intimate and honest and real get overlooked? �It's depressing to think about.

The book's about obsession and miscues and friendship. �Also loyalty and betrayal and all the things that disappoint you when you're 20. �It's about a young man who spends a summer in Columbus, Ohio to stalk his favorite band.

I stood by the window.� At four o’clock, the girls across the street had gone home, and this heat-dazed stretch of Indianola—a corridor of brick tenements and warehouses, a neighborhood that was neither fully residential nor commercial—stood mostly vacant.� I watched an old woman totter under the weight of her grocery bag as she came out of the liquor store across the...

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