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Interactive Dance-Tech Performance this Friday!

from Dance-Tech.net, posted over 5 years ago
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This Friday, December 11 at 6pm PST

"Fragment 3" is the third fragment in a process-based series that choreographer Ashley Ferro-Murray has been working on since Fall 2008.

Exploring the space between digital spectrality and digital saturation, this piece moves through various networks as it leads an audience through various iterations of digital choreographies. Wireless accelerometers used throughout the choreographic process inspire the conceptual context of this piece. These sensors are deleted are not worn in performance to explore the body in movement as it exhibits a digital tone in the absence of digital technology. In contrast to the spectral presence of the sensors, the performance space itself is saturated with digital interface. A live video feed of the real-time performance will be input into French digital installation artist Maurice Benayoun’s online network for artistic collaboration, The Art Collider...

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