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Sound Art
This August in the music area of Art+Culture, we explored ‘Quiet Music’ (Read [Part 1] [Part 2] and [Part 3]). Thanks to everyone for reading and contributing! Next month, curator Alen Hadzovic will lead us on an exploration on "Anniversaries." As
Sound Art
I just want to bring some attention to S.T.E.I.M foundation, which has recently joined artandculture as a venue and member. S.T.E.I.M (studio for electro-instrumental music) is a wonderful venue and research centre located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They host many events
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amacher, a sound artist who studied with cage and stockhausen, and who currently teaches at bard, has no (or negligible) interest in recordings. her work, which is primarily concerned with psycoacoustics, is too immersive for compact disc and is highly site
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picture: (music) Chris Watson Chris Watson is one of the world's leading recorders of wildlife and natural phenomena, and in his album ‘Weather Report’ he edits his field recordings into a filmic narrative. On a personal
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Listening to the heartbreakingly beautiful music of German-born composer and instrumentalist Max Richter is a bit like gliding through a somnambulist's dream world, hazy and spattered with half-light. A conjurer of magic, he weaves intricate aural tapestries of ambient textures delicately
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Erwin Redl, known for his large-scale LED installations, has created "MATRIX II", a room-size piece of phosphor green LEDs, that creates a physical space that fools the viewer into thinking the space is receding in all directions. The result is similar
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The Experiential Gallery's self-described mission is "to encourage the exploration of creative uses of technology in the arts, the development of critical and creative thinking skills, and the building of content-area knowledge" It most certainly accomplishes the goal. The collection of
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Hi Everyone, I have decided to post a proposal I've been working on as I continue to think about it and send to various curators. I will continue to post updates on the project and of course welcome thoughts and collaborators.
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LuminaTO, Toronto's Festival of Arts + Creativity, runs from June 5-14, 2009, animating downtown venues and locales with a veritable plethora of events and happenings in visual arts, literature, theatre, film, music and dance. It's only the third year for what
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Standing in line on a Tuesday night, for two hours, on Vine Street. My Friend Carey had invited me to tag along to attend the screening of Björk's Voltaic: The Volta Tour Live. The film is a live document
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Austrian artist Kurt Hentschlager creates environments that use light, sound, and performance to immerse viewers in an aesthetic experience. I saw his piece ZEE today and I'm still not sure to respond to such an overwhelming work. I was a little
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El proyecto "Matar al gato 2.0- Ekpyrótica", de la diseñadora Sol Rezza y el artista multimedia Daniel Iván, se presentará el próximo 7 de julio en el Laboratorio Arte Alameda, en la tercera edición de este trabajo. "Matar al Gato 2.0-
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