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Video Art
by Troy
For those of you who have strict rules on what it means to be an artist, you may not like the following list very much. Click HERE to be re-directed. But if you are like me and are of the
Video Art
A new show opened last weekend at GAGA (Garnerville Arts Center) in New York. The large exhibit space once functioned as a mill and is part of a huge complex that now holds the gallery and various businesses. This show is a celebration
Video Art
As a young art history student a few years ago, I worried that I was living through the decline of the art world. I was so caught up in my love for long-dead artists that I couldn't notice the amazing work
Video Art
Although death has been a permanent theme in art for centuries, it was not until the Post Modern era that artists broke away from the tradition of allegorical expression and boldly confronted the theme on an intimate level. From documenting
Video Art
Fall Preview: Don't Miss in New York PART TWO of THREE The fall exhibition season begins in earnest this week and there are a number of great shows not to be missed ranging from established masters like Cy Twombly, showing recent
Video Art
The Street of Crocodiles (1986) was my first Quay Brothers film experience, and I mean experience in the most literal sense. The lights dim, and you slide back in your chair. The screen illuminates with that black glow that spawns a
Video Art
LightCube Video is seeking video and experimental film works exploring the themes of Freedom and Independence and their relation to Sustainability: societal, economic and environmental. Inspired in part by US troop’s Afghanistan remake of Lady Gaga’s video Telephone, the original
Video Art
The first decade of the new millennium has been rich in works of art that are cross disciplinary, forward-thinking yet steeped in the past, and capable of inspiring people to think differently. Here are ten artists whose work exemplifies the
Video Art
This years D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge festival -- the 13th Annual -- was an art and performance filled weekend, and not to be missed. The
Video Art
(reposted from Matrix Magazine issue #85) The Old Feminism came up with some pretty good slogans. “The Personal is Political,” for instance, still works pretty well! But when the subject of feminism came up in an art history class that I
Video Art
by Arty
Another thing to be on the look out for in 2010 is Quebec Art. As I stated in my last post for years Quebec has long and strong history of art. Some of which has gone unnoticed outside Quebec
Video Art
http://www.ryeberg.comI have spent far too much time on Ryeberg lately. The concept behind the website is simple, but brilliant. Curators ( "smart, distinguished people" like writers Pasha Malla, Russell Smith, Sheila Heti, Mary Gaitskill, video artist Mike Hoolboom, etc.) select and
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