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20th-Century & Beyond
Private view: Thursday 4 September 6 - 9pm Opening times: Thursday - Sunday 12 - 6pm or by appointment IMT Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new video work by Sophie Lee. For her latest project Lee has created
20th-Century & Beyond
Eva Fidjeland´s Art Captures the Human Experience Orrefors Railway Station Primary Forms with a Bold Function Photographer Eva Fidjeland at AthensArt´s Annual Arts Festival Photographer Eva Fidjeland – one of several artists to show their work at the AthensArt’s
20th-Century & Beyond
"MY WIVES & I" New York City epitomizes the reconciliation of opposites: Rich and poor, dark and light, or high and low. Boundaries, or geographical, religious, sexual identifications account for the creation of the continents, law and individuality. Nevertheless, they drive
20th-Century & Beyond
New Work in Progress
20th-Century & Beyond
*** Everyone wants to understand painting. why don’t they try to understand the song of the birds? why do they love a night, a flower, everything which surrounds man, without attempting to understand them? whereas where painting is concerned, they
20th-Century & Beyond
The Amstel Art Gallery, that is now in the new Londoner site in Vauxhall, is proud to manage the General Archive of the famous Marco Lodola, one of the most representative artists of the Italian movement "Nuovo Futurismo". The Archive is
20th-Century & Beyond
My relationship to art is complicated. There is a certain reverence I have that is tainted with its opposite (irreverence?) As a teacher, I have to have some degree of reverence right? But as an artist I made a
20th-Century & Beyond
I miss blogs. Specifically I miss the early to late 00s when blogging was shiny and new and hopeful. I miss connecting with other artists and arts people. It seemed to shink the artworld in a way, make it seem
20th-Century & Beyond
Featuring: Paula Crutchlow & Helen Varley Jamieson, Andy Deck, Mary Flanagan, Genetic Moo, Dominic Smith, and Sarah Waterson To be alive is to be wild. And we humans have a will that shapes the world with language, song, lust, labour and
20th-Century & Beyond
20th-Century & Beyond
Deadline: Tuesday 20 March 2012, 6pm (UK time) Residency 9: Metamorphosis 02 Location: Manchester, UKTimescale: 6 weeks from 9 April 2012(9 April 2012 – 21 May 2012) Description of Residency The Metamorphosis series of residencies is conceived of as a regenerative
20th-Century & Beyond
Deadline 11 May 2011, 6pm (UK time) Residency Morphallaxis 05: 6 weeks from 14 Jul 2011Residency Morphallaxis 06: 6 weeks from 30 Aug 2011Description2 private rooms and 2 studios in a flexible, shared space are available, in a spacious house situated
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