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World Music
by Troy
For those of you who have strict rules on what it means to be an artist, you may not like the following list very much. Click HERE to be re-directed. But if you are like me and are of the
World Music
As a young art history student a few years ago, I worried that I was living through the decline of the art world. I was so caught up in my love for long-dead artists that I couldn't notice the amazing work
World Music
Dancehall, as the art form is currently known, began to emerge in the 1980s. In 1985 artist Wayne Smith recorded a song, called “Under Mi Sleng Teng”, which gained immediate popularity in Jamaica. This artist was one of the first to
World Music
Africa is home to many diverse and captivating styles of music. What follows is my own personal picks of African musicians who I feel people should know about. This is by no means and exhaustive list; there are many other great
World Music
This post is part of a series we are calling “10 for 2010” in which we list 10 influential or favorite artists. This list is a personal, idiosyncratic list of 10 major musicians active in the first decade of the 21st
World Music
Breaking down the beats : the Essentials of Culture Shock Camp CSC was founded by in 1997 by DJ Shock B and Quese IMC, of the Pawnee/Seminole tribes. Their contemporary beats and DJ sets, mixed with traditional singing and drumming
World Music
It's Friday afternoon, and you are watching the clock, waiting for the official beginning to the weekend, when you can leave work behind and get a hearty helping of culture. New York City offers more than one person knows what to
World Music
Kuduro’s roots can be traced to Luanda, Angola in the late ‘80s. The energetic, uptempo music started by layering African percussion with simple Soca and Calypso rhythms. Before long, western electronic music began to make an appearance in Africa, which Angolan
World Music
LuminaTO, Toronto's Festival of Arts + Creativity, runs from June 5-14, 2009, animating downtown venues and locales with a veritable plethora of events and happenings in visual arts, literature, theatre, film, music and dance. It's only the third year for what
World Music
by Arty
Martha Mavroidi "The garden of Rila" Martha Mavroidi, a singer and lafta player from Greece presents her debut album “The garden of Rila”. The album is a crossroad of sounds from the Balkans. Martha has written songs that blend musics, images
World Music
The Grove Dictionary of Music describes ethnomusicology as “[t]he study of social and cultural aspects of music and dance in local and global contexts.” This differs somewhat from musicology, which Grove defines as “the scholarly study of music.” While from these
World Music
It takes two to tango, and on December 5, the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan just may have a partner for you. Singles and couple are welcome to this event, which will begin at 8:00pm with a class, followed by the
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