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Techno/House/Big Beat
Remember Trainspotting, anyone? A friend of mine sent me this link recently, and wow, I’d forgotten what a great song this was. Danny Boyle’s film is one of my top twenty cinematic faves, the British band Underworld is still going strong,
Techno/House/Big Beat
Hyperdub: Five Years of Hyperdub I’ve recently discovered that the British label Hyperdub has released a five-year compilation of their best tracks. I was unfamiliar with dubstep (and all the myriad variations within the genre) up until last year, but my
Techno/House/Big Beat
Beardyman is a young and phenomenally talented beatbox artist who has won the UK Beatbox championship twice, and is now (not surprisingly) an Internet sensation. Although largely associated with hip-hop culture, beatboxing is not limited to hip-hop music; it exists now
Techno/House/Big Beat
Standing in line on a Tuesday night, for two hours, on Vine Street. My Friend Carey had invited me to tag along to attend the screening of Björk's Voltaic: The Volta Tour Live. The film is a live document
Techno/House/Big Beat
A good underground house DJ from Chicago, visiting New York City, told me in a party, "Don't stick to New York DJs, listen to everyone." I agreed with him besides that I am a New York DJs devotee. After meditating on