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The soundtrack to Marie Antoinette (2006) stands as an ancillary text that heavily influences the film’s publicity, interpretation, and reception. The soundtrack also conveys Coppola’s vision for the spirit of the film and clearly presents the youthful ideology of
Video artist Sue de Beer has a new project that will be performed this weekend at The Kitchen. While she typically makes videos narrated with texts from authors Alyssa Bennett and Dennis Cooper, this time de Beer and Andy Comer
Here is Part 1 of my picks for Artists to Watch in 2010! I hope to offer some fun, inspiring new stuff to check out, and would love it if you responded in kind with artists you're loving right now.... Enjoy!!
Remember Trainspotting, anyone? A friend of mine sent me this link recently, and wow, I’d forgotten what a great song this was. Danny Boyle’s film is one of my top twenty cinematic faves, the British band Underworld is still going strong,
GraceAnne: I like it when music and/or 'musical sound' is used creatively and is incorporated as another 'character' in the film. Can you think of any experimental film that is based entirely on the sounds-musical or otherwise, and in which the
An archive is a repository for objects that have either gained value over time, or that are now recognised to contain value. I think some of the thoughts-or memories that we store in our subconscious can also act
To wrap up our extended look at music and film this month, I'll be looking at my favourite musicals! Of course, there are the classics: Singing in the Rain, West Side Story, and The Sound of Music, all of which I've
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg is a 1968 film by Jacques Demy (who, incidently, was married one of my favourite filmmakers, Agnes Varda), and is remarkable in that every single line in the script, even the most casual conversation, is sung! A
Taien Ng-Chan: What are your favourite film soundtracks, ones that you own the soundtrack to, and you listen to them over and over? Here, I want to exclude musicals, movies about music or musicians (I’ve already compiled a list of Zeitgeist
GraceAnne is a curator for the music section of Art+Culture; Taien Ng-Chan curates the film section. We decided to interview each other on how we see the relationship between music and film. Here is an edited version of our initial dialogue:
The Grove Dictionary of Music describes ethnomusicology as “[t]he study of social and cultural aspects of music and dance in local and global contexts.” This differs somewhat from musicology, which Grove defines as “the scholarly study of music.” While from these
I am a fresh convert. I recently started tutoring an eleven-year-old girl who speaks fluent ‘Edward,’ and little else. Upon first meeting my young charge, I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. Her mother informed me that her
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